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Tuesday Noon Bible Study

North Raleigh Study for Men at Christ Baptist Church

The mission of Tuesday Noon Bible Study is that you might be “Taught, Trained, & Transformed” by studying the Bible and knowing God. This is accomplished through 1- Personal study and reflection; 2 – Small group discussion; 3 – Lecture video (available online). The 2024-2025 Class begins at noon on Tuesday, September 17th at Christ Baptist Church, 400 Newton Road, Raleigh, NC, on the lower level. We will study Judges and Ruth. 

2024/2025 – Registration

COVENANT AGREEMENT: I desire to enter into a fellowship of encouragement, challenge, and accountability. I agree to timely, faithful attendance, unless providentially hindered. I agree to be prepared and to participate in the small group discussions, while respecting group confidentiality.

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